Noreen Renier Biography: A self-named TV police psychic detective
supported by ghost writers on her books 'The Practical Psychic'
and 'A Mind for Murder', Noreen Jean Renier is an actress posing  
as a clairvoyant, medium, and missing person investigator. But
at 78 years old (as of January 16, 2015) she often wildly exaggerates
and repeats delusional tales shown as untrue by eye-witnesses.
A federal judge in 2011 said Noreen Renier wasn't credible and
ordered a judgment against her. And even though she repeatedly
appealed that ruling, four additional federal court judges nixed her
claims. Three of those judges sat in a court immediately under the
U.S. Supreme Court!  So before an email or booking Noreen Renier
to find a lost person or provide a psychic reading, please read on.
A December 27, 2014 PETER Group update within the Noreen Renier profile index (click here).

On April 18, 2012 all three judges in the second highest court in the United States (the 
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit) ruled against Noreen Renier --- and in favor
of a critic who charged in 2006 that Renier deceives the public in her claims and pushes
hundreds of exaggerated and bogus "hired by" cases from law enforcement agencies.

Members of the PETER Group (Psychic Exaggerations & Track Records Revealed) were
able to confirm five federal court judgments against Noreen Renier since 2006 across
four different federal courts.  And unlike the sensationalized TV episodes of Noreen
Renier filmed 10-40 years ago and still in syndication, her former claims have unraveled
over the past decades.  Both in court and as researchers uncovered the real facts.

It's now clear Facebook, YouTube, and "practical psychic" Noreen Renier has for 
decades pushed exaggerated stories that fooled the public and investigators. As an 
example she has never been an FBI or State Police sanctioned case investigator.
Even before her latest federal court loss a U.S. federal judge ordered an 18-page
judgment against Noreen Renier and ruled she had misled his federal court! 
Another federal judge ordered her to pay one victim nearly $45,000.00 after interest.

For decades too Noreen Renier has pushed bogus honorary faculty titles at colleges
and universities.  Noreen Renier craves attention.  But now below read the real story.

Renier 1985

Many of those who have reported to the G&P Inquiry Institute about Noreen Renier believe her fees are up to 100 times their worth or "simply a waste of money" based on her "vague guess work" and "not credible" results. At 78 years old (as of January 16, 2015) Noreen Renier apparently has much about herself she hasn't shared with her own supporters.

Author and TV police psychic investigator Noreen Renier is in fact a former dinner theatre actress and lounge entertainer.   In court testimony she stated that in the early 1970s she "created a dinner theater in Orlando, Florida called Once Upon A Stage."   Later in a Virginia playhouse near Gordonsville, Noreen Renier was part of an entertainment program called Once Again Noreen and according to a fellow actor Renier entertained at the Barboursville Community playhouse.

According to an interview published in 1981 by journalist Darrell Laurant, Renier also "opened, of all things, a night club act."

The Office of Human Resources at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida has confirmed that Noreen Renier has never been a "adjunct faculty member" as she lists herself on her web site. And various Facebook postings by supporters who reference her faculty status and years teaching at major colleges are deceptive.

Yet even Noreen Renier's own web site is misleading and goes far beyond just raising her status at small community colleges.

For years psychic actress Noreen Renier has deceptively listed herself on her web site as an "adjunct faculty member" with "teaching appointments" from major colleges and universities including the University of Florida, the University of Delaware, and the University of Virginia.

Yet calls made to these major academic centers reveal she was never an accredited faculty member, faculty associate or even faculty assistant.

Among the official adjunct faculty member listings throughout all of the accredited departments across these major universities there are absolutely no listings for Noreen Renier.   None.   Ever.

Noreen Renier Psychic DetectiveShe did at least once book an empty campus room for $15 a night to hold a non-accredited "public-welcome" program about paranormal topics. The vacant campus room was among 6 available in the evenings and was often reserved for local Cub Scout meetings, private gatherings, a bird and outdoor group, and a non-credit after-hours cookbook and recipe exchange group.

Such campus "lifestyle" non-accredited workshops and empty room rentals were simple. Straighten up the chairs, turn off the lights, and close the door when you leave.

Apparently that $15 process was transformed by Renier into academic "teaching appointments" as a "adjunct faculty member" at major universities and colleges across the country. Creative lies.

Not surprisingly psychic author Noreen Renier herself also has no four year degree --- much less any college teaching degree --- from any accredited college or university.

During a legal deposition Noreen Renier could not even recall the name of her high school.

Did she attend and graduate?   Why does she exaggerate on her web site about her faculty status and "teaching appointments" at leading colleges and universities? And why is her listed reference contact information up to 4 decades old with persons with those names not at the places she claims --- and some apparently long dead.

Ms. Renier has stated "Skepticism is healthy - everyone should have it.  What annoys me is when people try to debunk me without listening to the facts."

Yet for more than eight years psychic actress Noreen Renier has remained absolutely silent on addressing the six federal court judgments against her. Not a word about those rulings on her web site.  Silence.

So let's examine her credibility. On July 22, 2011 one federal judge actually rejected every single point made by Renier in her 42-page court filing!  And three later judges rejected her even longer 69-page secondary appeal.

Additionally her ability to accurately deliver paranormal readings and her claimed academic testing lab credentials were discovered to have been shams. As were "hundreds" of faked direct case hiring's by police agencies.

Indeed Noreen Renier has lied on her web site writing "I gladly subjected myself to five years of laboratory testing at PRF and at Duke University.  They tested me for psychometry by sealing personal objects like combs and watches in envelopes; I touched them and described their owners.  They tested for telepathy by having me identify symbols on cards in another room.  In the test for psychokinesis (the ability to influence physical matter), I was put in front of a computerized light system and asked to alter the light pattern by using my mind.   I was told I scored quite high in everything."

But officials at Duke University absolutely deny this ever occurred.  It's only a bold lie and/or delusional story compiled over decades and showcased to literally millions of TV viewers.

But that's just the beginning of this charade.  When TV police psychic detective Noreen Renier actually testified under oath she said she couldn't remember where her own paranormal testing occurred, or any of the names of the research testing personnel.

Neither could she later recall the names of any laboratory personnel who offered the testing, reviewed the testing, or conducted the testing during her claimed five years!

Incredibly in her court statements she could not even recall when any of this testing had ever taken place!  And under further court questioning Renier even admitted that any results of tests that found her as highly psychic was actually just "one of the exaggerations" her publicist wrote up about her.

Well if some unknown publicist was responsible for this exaggeration more than two decades ago why then does she continue to repeat such falsehoods on a blog and in public?

Who is kidding who? Based on results like these her fee rates should be at the "entertainment" level with appointment charges from $15-$30 per hour tops --- not the several hundred dollar to $1000 range she posts on her contact web site. Her paranormal "accuracy" was registered at far worse levels than others willing to charge as little as $20 for a reading.

2 Blood VilesDisappointed in her?  It get's worse.

The public should know her exaggerations are so convincing and elaborately detailed that even after they are discovered people remain astounded by her boldness.

Even at the most basic level Noreen Renier's paranormal workshop and psychic detective claims of being extensively lab tested in psychometry paranormal abilities and as a "super psychic" scoring "quite high in everything" are whopping exaggerations!

In fact during what apparently was her most extensive testing under carefully controlled conditions, her psychic and psychometry abilities were found to be very different indeed.

According to Dr. Harry Kloor who in 1985 was an instructor at the Southern Oregon State campus in Ashland, Noreen Renier "showed up on campus and proclaimed she was 'gifted.'" 

In 1994 at 31, Dr. Kloor became according to People magazine the first American to earn a remarkable simultaneous double Ph.D —in physics and chemistry—at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

While he was still at Southern Oregon State College in addition to earning two BS degrees, he also earned two black belts in kung fu and kick boxing.

This remarkable man convinced Noreen Renier to be tested in May 1985 by himself and others after she first reviewed an outline of the testing procedures.

The testing on Renier at the Southern Oregon State College campus was conducted, reviewed, documented, and witnessed by more than two dozen actual on-site researchers and participants.        Blood viles

During one test segment Renier was offered seven blood samples.

Each of seven blood slides were prepared according to Dr. Kloor “by first being handled by the subject and then a blood smear was carefully taken and the numbered plate placed in a box."

Renier agreed this careful handling of the blood samples and packaging by the actual blood donor was proper.

Also previous to beginning the testing Renier agreed she understood what the procedures were and that they were fair.   She then agreed to attempt to properly match a blood sample to one of the six volunteers who had donated samples of their blood.

In this particular test there was also a single "control blood sample" among the seven to help authenticate her claimed psychometry abilities.  This "control" sample was the only blood sample from among the seven that Renier should have had left on the table after she had completed matching those of the six blood volunteers before her.

Instead she picked up the box containing the controlled blood sample first and according to Dr. Kloor "in a somewhat theatrical manner she described the sex, age range, personal traits, etc. of the subject."

She was clearly disappointed when no blood volunteer in the room sensed a match and cried Bingo!

Unfortunately for Renier there was no shout by anyone because Renier's chosen sample did not match blood taken from any of six volunteers Vision of rat present.

Even so, according to Dr. Kloor once Renier finished her detailed description about the student that she believed matched the blood "she demanded to know how well she had done."

Dr. Greg Fowler, now an Associate Clinical Professor of Public Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon and Executive Director of was at Southern Oregon State College in 1985 and participated with the testing.

When it became quite clear that Noreen Renier would not continue, Dr. Fowler revealed the identity of the blood sample to be that of a rat!

According to Dr. Kloor, "To say the least she was not very pleased.”

Even after additional testing was conducted on Renier --- including readings off objects previously selected from students --- it was found that "TV psychic investigator" Noreen Renier's actual tested performance was amazingly worse than random chance!

And years later when her performance at this event was revealed Noreen Renier claimed the story was in error and her work had been done at the University of Oregon rather than the far smaller campus of Southern Oregon State College just seven miles from where she lived. But the correct campus was indeed the Southern Oregon State College and officials at the University of Oregon campus --- located some 170 miles away --- denied any involvement ever with Noreen Renier in any lab or research setting. And of course we have the members of the faculty at Southern Oregon College who knew exactly which campus she had visited. Both You Tube and Facebook postings actually reversed the truth about this in referencing TV psychic Noreen Renier.

Three years later during an appearance on Hour Magazine with TV host Gary Collins (in 1988) Renier claimed that during one of her visions she saw "this enormous animal in front of me....It turned out to be a rat." Apparently the rat blood may have struck a nerve.

Noreen Renier Police Psychic InvestigatorBorn in Massachusetts on January 16, 1937 this former dinner actress and lounge entertainer has repeatedly failed to meet even a minimum credibility level for her paranormal claims.

And author and psychic actress Noreen Renier is the same woman who the federal judge on March 21, 2011 found was not a credible witness. And that she misled his court.

Noreen Renier spoke at the Unity Church of Tucson as a guest speaker on March 13, 2014 sponsored by a local Tucson group (Tucson IANDS) founded by Chuck Swedrock and Susan Amsden. The group is affiliated with the International Association for Near Death Studies. But the turnout for this and follow-up Phoenix lectures alongside an ESP workshop were essentially engagements to near empty rooms.

Could it be because the public is learning Noreen Renier offers a track record of exaggerated claims?

Noreen Renier has been found by critics as a woman who promotes rather than ends distorted and deceptive claims across the media, on Facebook and YouTube, and in her own public comments.


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