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The Pantagruel Inquiry Institute
Assisting the public worldwide with commercial-free data from paranormal research and investigations

Key writers include Paul Hanson / Anne Star/ David Merrell / GP Inquiry Institute group members and researchers

Click here for the latest 2014 rankings on police psychics, psychic detectives, mediums, and missing person and lost child psychics. Rated as a public service and listed on a commercial-free site. Complete background and historical information on finding and using psychics, psychic detectives, lost and missing person psychic investigators, and mediums. Fee rates and reasonable pricing levels are shown separately below.

Latest March 2014 listing of the "top 25" most actively examined worldwide missing person and crime psychic detectives who were cited at least initially as most credible with paranormal abilities. Paranormal community whistle-blowers and insiders also reveal the history behind their work. A list by name of top psychic detectives for missing persons and lost children and an update on the secret multi-million dollar corporations who support psychic readings and paranormal work.

An in-depth profile of author, "investigator for the FBI" and TV police psychic detective Noreen Renier who has been cited within the paranormal community as "the most credible psychic out there". (For full index click here.)

Segments also showcase her background and claims and include latest federal court findings involving Noreen Renier.

In-depth profile of Portland Oregon area intuitive and psychic detective Laurie McQuary 2014 (click here)

In March 2011 she was lambasted on a missing child case by the TV series ‘Inside Edition’ --- but now the realities.

Latest 2014 psychic fees, costs, and rates charged by global psychics and psychic detectives (click here)

Latest 2014 HFOCA fees and rates charged by psychics and psychic detectives across more than 12,400 listed psychic businesses. Are you paying too much for a psychic reading? Does your psychic pass the minimum requirements to avoid being scammed? Independent agency data to help you decide how much to pay for a psychic and psychic detective.

Copyright© 2014 G&P Inquiry Institute including materials originally posted beginning in 2005.
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