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Author and TV police psychic detective Noreen Renier lacks
 credibility and uses deceptions to sell herself and her books.
All of her books are largely ghost-written by others and many
glorified five-star reviews are by those authors themselves!
Her book sales from 2013 to 2015 nose dived after a string of  
six federal court rulings and judgments against her.

 Author and psychic actress Noreen Renier closed 2014 after a decade of rulings against her in 
federal court rooms --- and after being ordered to pay one victim over $40,000.00!
This book review came after one investigator showed Noreen Renier fabricated
 fictional claims and faked hundreds of hiring's by police --- hundreds that never existed!
 Indeed Noreen Renier as a media psychic across YouTube, Facebook, and TV has likely
racked up more federal court judgments against herself than any other psychic.
Her highest court losses came on April 18, 2012 when she lost a second appeal before
a U.S. federal court immediately beneath the U.S. Supreme Court.

That followed both one federal court judgment against her which stated she wasn't credible and had 
"misled" a Virginia federal court while under oath, and another federal court denying her appeal.
Orlando area based Noreen Renier's books --- heavily written by others --- are 
 still promoted as real but all have serious credibility issues which start with their
book covers. Both The Practical Psychic and the French edition of her heavily revised --- due to
legal issues --- book A Mind For Murder (re-issued in French as Medium: Enquetrice pour le
FBI / Medium: Investigator for the FBI), include charades recognized by readers. It seems close
 Renier friends and the real authors of her books are writing positive reviews. But like her
"most credible psychic" claims it's a sales marketing facade based on bold deceptions.

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Psychic detective author Noreen Renier lacks credibility though these heavily ghost-written books are written by persons either highly naive or consumed with pushing fictional charades. Two U.S. federal courts (July 2011 and April 2012) have ruled against author and TV psychic detective Noreen Renier, letting stand a March 2011 ruling against her which cited her for having misled the court and not being a credible witness. This happened just as we began examining her latest books including The Practical Psychic: A No-Nonsense Guide to Developing Your Natural Abilities.

After examining her latest books we believe readers will also understand why the credibility of Noreen Renier has been struck down as noted in the images below. January 16, 2015 marks Noreen Renier's 78th birthday after years of pushing wild fantasies and delusions as real to readers. Even this book critic can no longer let her distortions pass unnoticed.

Author Noreen Renier

Unknown to many readers is that author Noreen Renier's original publisher in 2005 banished her original edition of A Mind For Murder after just 6 months, immediately halting global distribution after a lawsuit was filed against Noreen Renier by a critic.

Even before the extensive re-edit of the book was published in 2008, author Noreen Renier lost the lawsuit which had started in a state court and ended in a U.S. federal court.

In 2006 and 2007 that Washington federal court ordered judgments against Renier for publishing content that breached a 1992 Florida State court ordered settlement.

Further information is available at The PETER Group homepage (click here).

While the many federal rulings didn't pertain to her new 2011 editions we can suggest anyone looking for improved credibility and rational paranormal explanations can certainly skip these offerings. One of the books --- The Practical Psychic --- even resembles a really dry text book somewhat akin to creating an unabridged Paranormal Glossary & Thesaurus.

Fortunately The Practical Psychic is the smallest and shortest of Noreen Renier's four books, but all these books should trigger concerPrevious Cover Artworkns by readers. And those concerns begin right from their book covers.

Two months before its release the pre-release artwork for the cover of The Practical Psychic showcased the quote "The most credible psychic out there. -Court TV."

Yet the actual July 2011 released editions then underwent a cover change with the statement beginning with three dots (an ellipsis) now reading ". . .The most credible psychic out there. - Psychic Detectives, Court TV" as shown below.

This seemingly minor change was done for a very interesting reason.

One which we believe potential Renier readers will find disturbing indeed.



Original type artwork above. The actual released cover from The Practical Psychic: A No-Nonsense Guide to Developing Your Natural Abilities with a rating of zero (0 out of 5 stars) is below.

The most credible psychic out there.

Readers should recognize that Court TV is a trademark of Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). In the original cover artwork above the statement is credited directly to Court TV. Yet no Court TV official spokesperson, TBS senior executive, or TBS corporate legal or public relations officer ever actually publicly stated such a sentence!

And just weeks previous to the release of The Practical Psychic a Turner Broadcasting System attorney contacted the publisher over the use of the statement. Why?

Perhaps because the actual remark came not from Court TV executives but instead from a part-time web cast moderator.

And he actually typed live "I'm not a big believer in psychic stuff. But. . . when I decided to do this topic for a chat Ms. Renier seemed like the most credible psychic out there."

Shortly afterward Noreen Renier (via her registered, managed, and copyrighted web site) chopped off his first words available from a posted transcript leaving only "the most credible psychic out there" and then elevated the skeptical moderator's remark to a statement coming directly from Court TV, which became truTV in 2008.

The "she seemed" immediately disappeared and the skeptical on-line moderator was instead identified as Court TV!

One suspects that the legal team at Turner Broadcasting System representing their trademark Court TV pushed the publisher for a corrective change. But if so the slight changes don't make the charade clear to potential readers.

Apparently the publisher and / or author have been unwilling to use the actual quote that was made. And from whom.

And adding to the charade readers find an amazing statement inside the newly released book.

It reads "With more than three decades of experience working with law enforcement agencies, psychic investigator Noreen Renier has earned the distinction of 'the most credible psychic out there' by Court TV online."

How did the author earn "the distinction" of being "the most credible psychic out there" when the statement is taken out of text?

How indeed when at the same time a U.S. federal judge in Virginia stated that Noreen Renier was not a credible witness and noted that she had misled his federal court!

And why does The Practical Psychic book cover additionally inject "Psychic Detectives" rather than referencing the skeptical web cast moderator? Why does it still confuse the situation by referencing Court TV?

Story House Productions is the company is behind the TV series Psychic Detectives and readers should be aware that Story House Productions provided Noreen Renier with more than $20,000 in checks as one of their "talent" entertainers. And while the Court TV network (re-named truTV in 2008) showed the Psychic Detectives TV series, the original unedited quote still originated from a person with apparently no connection to either the Psychic Detectives series or any executive at TBS or Court TV.

As literally the first sentence to fool readers before you even flip open the book --- be advised it's just the start of a very disingenuous presentation.

Does it get any worse? Yes --- it's just the beginning!

Noreen Renier is the copyright holder of her 2005 book A Mind For Murder and the book has now been re-released from 2008 editions under re-titled editions and using new cover artwork.

In the case of a French translated 2011 version it has been re-titled Médium: Enquetrice pour le FBI (Medium: Investigator for the FBI), and the book's cover displays the official FBI seal without FBI authorization to do so and boldly proclaims that Noreen Renier is an "investigator for the FBI."

The FBI does not allow its seal to be used as it has been on Noreen Renier's book cover. It is such a serious matter that when there is an unauthorized misuse of the FBI seal it is examined under a stringent policy that includes potential criminal actions including time in jail and fines for such misuse. This certainly appears to be just such a case.

And that's before one considers the book cover's false claim that Noreen Renier is an "investigator for the FBI." The cover even adds to the innuendo by displaying an official U.S. Department of Justice / FBI investigator's clothing badge, and on the rear cover pushes the connection further with photos of FBI officers near an apparent crime scene.

Even in her just released The Practical Psychic it states Noreen Renier is "The first psychic to ever work with the FBI."

Noreen Renier has never been hired or worked as an FBI authorized crime case investigator for any FBI investigative crime bureau. In 1986 Noreen Renier falsely testified to being an investigator working on "several" FBI involved cases. But like the book cover claim of being an "investigator for the FBI" Renier's claim of working on "several" FBI investigation cases is a bold exaggeration.

She has never been an FBI authorized investigator with any FBI crime lab. She has not participated in a single FBI investigation anywhere in the world as a sanctioned, cleared, and hired FBI paranormal consultant.

Neither an FBI badge nor a rear book cover photo of an official FBI crime scene on one of her books has anything to do with Noreen Renier.

In the 2011 Portuguese edition of A Mind For Murder, the title has been changed again --- this time to Mentes Criminosas nos Ficheiros Secretos do FBI (translates to Criminal Minds: In the FBI’s Secret Files), the book cover pushes a similar false connection as an official investigator to the FBI.

As Noreen Renier is not an FBI investigator how would she have access to FBI secret files? Are you beginning to understand why that federal judge found her not to be a credible witness and to have misled his court?

In reality her highly insignificant ties to the FBI were limited to providing a few minutes of informal discussions during a multi-session guest luncheon. At that time agent Robert Ressler --- who has held a long-time close relationship with Renier ---invited her as a guest which featured several local area speakers near the Virginia FBI training academy. Noreen Renier spoke and answered a few questions about her claimed paranormal visionary powers before food was served to groups of FBI trainees in 1981.

Noreen Renier claims in The Practical Psychic that "I was invited back several times" and notes she "taught at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia."

But according to one participant her original "pretty wild" talk "went down about as poorly as the salad macaroni." And for 30 years --- since 1981 --- there is no record of her ever being invited back in any sanctioned FBI capacity even as a local area luncheon guest. And her lecture followed much the same pattern she has repeated endlessly in her psychic workshops over the past three decades. In workshops her discussion often centers on her amazing abilities --- though her paranormal claims are filled with fabricated events and apparently self-delusions of paranormal abilities according to witnesses.

Nor has Noreen Renier ever "taught" officially at the FBI Academy as her guest sessions were limited to being just that --- a local area guest in an informal setting. Perhaps from her view she "taught at the FBI" and is an "investigator for the FBI" but like the claim of being "the most credible psychic out there" there are facts she doesn't wish to let her readers know. It's clear she has real credibility issues.

And both the accuracy and credibility of retired FBI agent Robert Ressler's claims that Renier located a crashed plane near Gardner Massachusetts --- actually an incredible charade created by Renier with numerous bogus events including wandering survivors --- further enhances a farce behind any "FBI connection."

This came after almost 4 years of Renier being in court (2007-2011) undergoing her second Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 9 years. After first claiming an income in one year of less than $6400 she ultimately revised that filing upward by more than 10 times. And after a creditor notified the court of false claims she revised her income levels upward by more than $100,000 over her original bankruptcy income filings!

So do you really believe Noreen Renier "has earned the distinction of 'the most credible psychic out there'" as noted in her latest book?

No Noreen Renier Twitter posts admit the federal judge found her not credible and having misled the court. She appears to simply ignore her string of losses before her supporters.

Want more highlights you won't find in her books?

The recent exposé following a multi-year investigation detailed Noreen Renier's charades concerning a plane crash she claims crashed into a mountain. Renier's visioned survivors moving about the crash scene with hunting dogs howling nearby. One supporter wrote "psychic author Noreen Rainer is the real thing at finding this plane." But that supporter didn't even get the spelling of her name right.

But as there were no survivors, no hunting dogs, and no mountain Ms. Renier literally has additional skyrocketing credibility concerns of interest to potential readers. Apparently bogus story telling is repeatedly posed as true. A complete (and amazingly commercial-free) web site has appeared examining the facts behind this missing person airplane crash. It's posted the complete 4-part series exposing her claims titled 'Crash Charade' free to the public which can be found at Noreen Renier profile index page.

The conclusion of this book review? Avoid books authored by psychic detective Noreen Renier as even one star out of 5 is one star too many! We note that sellers have already begun discounting her new books at prices more than 90% off and some internet listings have been dropped altogether. At this rate perhaps they will be shredded for box packing. Given the credibility of the books by author Noreen Renier that seems appropriate.

And in 2015 when you see well known missing person psychic detective and FBI paranormal investigator Noreen Renier claiming to be the "most credible psychic out there" --- you'll know you can ignore her charades.

Copyright 2014-2015. Originally published in 2010. The PETER Group is not responsible for statements made by paranormal claimants and psychic practitioners, nor uncorrected media materials which quote or cite a paranormal practitioner, medium, psychic, or alleged paranormal person or a person claiming paranormal abilities. Noreen Renier's comments are welcome on the International Skeptics forum. We will make any corrections or changes necessary should they be brought to our attention.  Please note that Noreen Renier has failed to cite a single specific statement with documentation proving that the published material on this page is not factually accurate.