TV police psychic Noreen Renier has never defeated any skeptical
critic across any federal court at any time in the last two decades. 
Instead a U.S. federal judge issued a court judgment against Noreen Renier citing her
as not credible and misleading the court and ruling in favor of her arch critic.
Four months later in July 2011 a second U.S. federal court in a higher court also ruled
against Renier completely rejecting her appeal. 
And on April 18, 2012 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled against her.

But rather than reporting this, authors Victor Zammit, Noreen Renier, and Leo Bonomo 
distributed a lie that an FBI agent "testified" and stated "under oath that her [Renier's]
psychic skills helped him enormously to close cases" and were "significant help to his
department." Those invented remarks are a complete sham and never happened not
just in 2011 but at any time in the past 100 years!  
This is a commercial-free public notice from the PETER Group for January, 2015.


The very skeptic writer that psychic authors Noreen Renier, Leo Bonomo and Victor Zammit cite as having lost actually won court judgments against Noreen Renier in 2006, 2007, twice in 2011, and again on April 12, 2012 across four different U.S. federal courts! And six judges ordered judgments against her!

That's right.

For decades --- and through January 2015 --- the skeptic has won against the psychic. Not the reverse.

In 2011 alone author Noreen Renier not only lost in one U.S. federal court after a judge ruled that she had misled his court and was not a credible witness, but also failed to over turn that judgment against her after appealing before a higher U.S. District Court! And all of these losses by Noreen Renier came under litigation by the very man that Victor Zammit, Leo Bonomo, and Noreen Renier cite in their psychic spoof as having been the one who lost!

London based author and clairvoyant Leo Bonomo and Sydney Australia’s after-life proponent Victor Zammit mention none of this.  Instead they built their fantasy story from a small rural county courtroom case in Medford Oregon [western U.S.] which happened almost three decades ago!

Their 'breaking news' is based on a case more than 25 years old from a rural court room with just six jurors and set in a farming town near where Noreen Renier lived (Phoenix Oregon) with fewer than 1900 residents in 1985. What kind of "breaking news" posing as a new lawsuit victory is this?

A really deceptive psychic charade distributed across Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of internet search engines.

The trio of Victor Zammit, Leo Bonomo, and Noreen Renier even ignored that years later three eye-witnesses to actual events --- who were finally found and shown testimony and statements by Noreen Renier --- publicly agreed that she had boldly lied and misrepresented the truth.  The court case involved Noreen Renier claiming to have found a lost airplane with crash survivors.

Noreen Renier didn't find an airplane. And she didn't find two survivors that she outlined to a jury and to millions of TV viewers.

And neither of the two FBI officers cited by Noreen Renier, Leo Bonomo, or Victor Zammit said what the three authors claim. Even a medical examiner noted that all of the victims had actually died on impact during the crash --- there were no survivors!

Thus we have a psychic spoof from Renier, Bonomo, and Zammit based on another psychic charade.

For complete background on the case --- what has been called “the greatest bogus psychic charade of the century" see Noreen Renier profile index page and click on the commercial-free segments labeled airplane crash claims.

But self-described clairvoyant Noreen Renier, psychic Leo Bonomo, and paranormal proponent Victor Zammit apparently hope their followers never read the truth.  

In December 2011 readers and supporters of psychic authors Victor Zammit, Noreen Renier, and Leo Bonomo were posting on internet chat rooms about this lawsuit victory --- without realizing the truth. Many posts and blog remarks extend global congratulations on this "incredible December win" and "Christmas surprise" that never occurred in December and is actually over 25 years old.

The "victory celebration " offered by psychic authors Leo Bonomo, Noreen Renier, and Victor Zammit is a massive blend of exaggeration and deception --- and they are fully aware of it.

Obviously the global paranormal community is extremely flustered that investigators have caught up with "the most highly decorated psychic detective in the paranormal community" and are attempting to rally their troops behind her.

The global psychic paranormal business represents about $14 billion (in U.S. currency) in sales and over $12 billion in profits each year. And apparently a barrage of fantasized press releases in an attempt to confuse and camouflage a string of damaging court rulings and investigations is now being pushed as a solution.

Rapidly putting down any concerns over the lack of credibility within the psychic community using media diversions is now the mission of active paranormal zealots. The truth be damned. Profits must be protected.

Noreen Renier also filed a string of increasingly desperate court filings beginning in late 2011 using Charlottesville Virginia attorney Dale Jensen.

Lawyer Dale Jensen however simply filed numerous long-winded and seemingly endless legal briefs that for more than a year failed to gain traction or score even a single winning judgment across court after court.

All in all it was a miserable performance for both Renier and her industry colleagues (including London psychic Leo Bonomo) who claim powerful paranormal abilities and psychic foresight.

Noreen Renier even personally predicted to reporters that she would win --- now four federal court losses ago.

Indeed one lawsuit observer noted Noreen Renier's recent filings resemble a poor performing first-year law student who rants and snipes at higher court decisions with ignorance and arrogance. "Her filings wander so far off-course they aren't in the weeds but off the planet. She offers nothing beyond saying everyone is wrong but her."

It's pretty clear that psychic visionary truth is no longer --- and likely never has been --- an ally alongside Noreen Renier. Like this "breaking news" story that Renier also posted on her Facebook blog she too is not credible.

On July 22, 2011 federal judge Norman K. Moon issued a U.S. District Court memorandum rejecting an April 2011 appeal by Noreen Renier after Virginia federal judge William Anderson wrote in a court memorandum that Noreen Renier had misled his court and was not a credible witness.

As of April 18, 2012 with her second appeal denied her 'not credible' ruling by the earlier federal court continues to stand.

Indeed author and TV action psychic detective actress Noreen Renier's efforts to seek sanctions against a particular skeptic and critic --- one she has fought in 12 different courtrooms for almost three decades --- have repeatedly been rejected over the past decade. 

While Dale Jensen of the Zobrist Law Group in Charlottesville Virginia represented psychic Noreen Renier, she herself has claimed in previous testimony of having paranormal super powers and yet also admitted to using exaggerated claims.

Dale Jensen’s legal appeal in early 2011 to the U.S. District Court on behalf of Renier's extended bankruptcy proceedings was an incredible 42 pages plus attachments versus a far more distinctive six page legal response by her opponent. The six page response by the counsel of Renier's critic won.

Attorney Dale Jensen then scrambled back with a 69-page appeal filing for his client which was also rejected on April 18, 2012 before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The court instead ruled in favor of a party who had entered a far more concise 9-page brief. They literally laughed at his legal reasoning during one hearing.

One non-court reader who reviewed the arguments filed by the two opposing parties noted they were at opposite ends in style.  “One was all over the map with cotton candy allegations and apparently no successful foundations versus a very concise filing written with superior arguments and legal foundations by the attorney opposing Renier. The outcome may Screw Ballhave been clear even to a first year law student.”

Given that a federal court in March 2011 found Noreen Renier not to be a credible and cited as the sole party in a court memorandum to have misled the court, the April 18, 2012 failure by Renier to overturn that ruling makes it the fifth in a string of court losses by Noreen Renier since 2006. Yet her You Tube postings never reference these actual and current law events. Avoiding her current courtroom realities Noreen Renier instead posts years-old video clips from staged TV paranormal re-creations. Those "TV re-creations" often include actors and actresses posing as crime detectives and are scripted according to critics for "maximum exaggerated hocus pocus before the cameras."

But apparently Noreen Renier prefers posting these now ancient "re-created paranormal visions" rather than her own and very current devastating court room events.

Indeed Charlottesville lawyer Dale Jensen most recent 69-page appeal brief was described by one observer as "wandering so far off-course they aren't in the weeds but off the planet."

For the past decade (2005-2015) court psychic Noreen Renier's legal plays overlapped with the paranormal theatrical staging she has posted on YouTube.

Noreen Renier is a woman who claims "super psychic" powers including communicating with the dead; turning off and on lighting using only her mind; changing physical objects with psychic vibrations; seeing through clothing worn by others; changing temperatures in a public auditoriums using only her thoughts; and levitating children in the air. Noreen Renier loves attention and Twitter yet she has lost in three federal courts and ruled not credible by one judge.

And this isn't the first time Noreen Renier has utilized a legal pathway filled with lots of motions and paper --- nor the first to end with poor results. In fact the original attorney for Renier in her federal bankruptcy court proceedings (in Charlottesville Virginia during 2010-2010, not an earlier bankruptcy filing in Florida by Renier in 1998), actually notified the court in a rather terse statement that he and his client declined not to go forward as they differed on matters.

That attorney seems to have had insight.

He was replaced by attorney Dale Jensen of the Zobrist Law Group in Charlottesville Virginia who apparently believes the more legal pages and documents filed in ever higher courts the better.

Though so far it appears the "zero wins" tally hasn't been the score paranormal super-psychic forecaster Noreen Renier has sought.

Other Noreen Renier attorneys across 12 different courts have openly before opposing counsel expressed being "fed up" during what have apparently been difficult representation efforts.

During her most recent bankruptcy proceedings her second largest unpaid creditor was actually Noreen Renier's own former 2005-2007 attorney Shelley Hall of the law firm Stokes Lawrence.

Renier's critic called the response offered by Renier in proceeding as "beyond belief and simply efforts to maximize an attention-getting screwball case before the media."

Not surprisingly in 2006 "psychic" Renier had predicted before a newspaper reporter she would win --- just days before the court ruled against her.

In that case Renier left an unpaid bill to her attorney Shelley Hall as shown on her bankruptcy filing of more than $26,000.

On December 21, 2010 Renier's largest unpaid creditor testified that attorney Hall was Renier's second largest unpaid creditor and noted that the present bankruptcy was not her first. Those comments seemed an unpleasant surprise to Renier's attorney Dale Jensen when they were brought up before the judge.

Months earlier --- before lawyer Dale Jensen took over --- the same revelations had surprised the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee. The Court appointed Trustee had erroneously claimed that the unpaid $26,200 was due her critics attorney, not Renier's. This apparent confusion came from Renier and the Trustee apologized later in court for his error.

But public shocks, miscues, and surprises by Noreen Renier have long been the norm, particularly during media interviews and during public lectures.

Noreen Renier has had more than a dozen attorneys just in her litigation with a single critic, and over the past decade racked up a long string of courtroom losses. And before multiple reporters predicted winning outcomes beforehand that never happened.

Noreen Renier's court room credibility factor has likely played a large role.

As early as 1985 "psychic" Noreen Renier testified in an Oregon courtroom that she previously spoke with ghosts to prevent toilets from over-flowing. That courtroom effort by Renier was her sole win ---in a small county courtroom before six jury members--- that she won against a critic. She collected less than 9% of what she had asked for and likely failed to recover her own legal and related costs.

And her critic has long contended she lied repeatedly in her testimony. And his attorney charged in a federal court four years later that "Noreen Renier lied under oath when she stated she was not aware of any investigation of herself by John Merrell . . . In actuality, Noreen Renier deceived John Merrell by sending him letters under the disguise of Nancy Uzdavinis. . . .In other words, Ms. Renier, through her deceitful letters, under the name of Nancy Uzdavinis, began the whole process, which culminated in Ms. Renier perjuring herself in an attempt to conceal the fact that she knew of John Merrell's investigation. . . .Mr. Merrell was unaware that Noreen Renier had led him to investigating herself.  One truism rings clear in this whole situation; these parties would not be together had it not been for Ms. Renier's deceitful beginnings."

Her attorney in her original 1986 case was initially prosecuted [later appealed] on two counts of hindering prosecution in an unrelated case after he admitted to tossing a gun in a felony case into an Oregon reservoir and also throwing away a bottle of tequila that his stepson ---involved with a crime ---had apparently stashed.

Yet that attorney, Lee Werdell, has been Renier's "favorite" and has "always been my hero" supporting her "credible" claims.

It's reasonable to assume Renier's later 2005-2007 attorney that she listed on her bankruptcy as an unpaid creditor --- lawyer Shelley Hall of Stokes Lawrence --- never actually met her TV psychic client in person.

Apparently Renier remained in Virginia throughout the 16 month long lawsuit, and so Hall may not have realized Renier's prior testimony flow nor Renier's credibility record. How the two became connected is unknown though attorney Shelley Hall herself is a former TV producer.

Just a few weeks before her psychic client's loss in federal court, Seattle Stokes Lawrence lawyer Shelley M. Hall told a Virginia journalist that she wasn't ready to suggest that police psychic Noreen Renier write a check. "The case is far from over," said Hall.

Apparently however the case was not only over --- at a loss --- but attorney Shelley Hall herself would find herself listed as an unpaid creditor by her client just weeks later!

Noreen Renier previously testified in 1986 that she talks with friendly and unfriendly ghosts and telephones would ring "and people would pick it up and there would be no one on the line.   There'd be footsteps. . . .and I found out it was a woman that had died in the whirlpool on a Wednesday at 10 o'clock.   She [the ghost] gave me the name of her husband and gave me the name of her attorney.  [After asking] why she was haunting the spa [the ghost] said because her attorney hadn't finished the suit or the lawsuit. . . "

Renier's principal critic notes that "perhaps the efforts by Renier's string of attorneys are unnecessary. Noreen Renier herself has previously testified that one unfinished lawsuit caused a ghost to overflow toilets and whirlpools.   Clearly no one wants to see toilets overflow if a law firm might resolve such paranormal bathroom disturbances by winning litigation for their psychic client. . .   . . .of course there are more rational explanations than believing in ghosts that overflow toilets."

In Renier's November 2006 federal judgment the judge did not determine whether or not Renier is a psychic, or whether her statements were true or false.

His court order however states ". . . the record before the court shows that it is impossible that Ms. Renier breached the agreement in this case without some level of fault.  She knew or should have known of the agreement, and breached it nonetheless."  Additionally the judge dismissed all of Noreen Renier's counter claims and noted "The court rejects Ms. Renier's claim that she did not breach the Settlement Agreement because her statements in A Mind for Murder are, according to her, true."  

With the statement in March 2011 by federal judge William Anderson that Noreen Renier is not a credible witness and had "misled the court" --- together with her failure to overturn that ruling on appeal ---the credibility problems Noreen Renier creates by herself continue. Noreen Renier has significant credibility issues that follow her from Little Rock to Wilmington as she promotes her public lectures and workshops.

Noreen Renier's "super psychic" paranormal foresights and apparently delusional "wins" against critics in court rooms don't match realities. Psychic detective Noreen Renier is neither credible nor accurate. And she boldly lies.

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