TV's police psychic detective Noreen Renier in 2015:
 Psychic investigator or exaggerator?

Unsolved mystery actress Noreen Renier has powered her
image across the internet, YouTube, Facebook, and TV while
both fooling and deceiving millions.  Were you taken in?

Noreen Renier has for decades claimed to be regularly
directly hired by police agencies for hundreds of
unsolved crime and missing person cases.  But hundreds
of those hirings never happened along with hundreds
of delusional visions and case stories she's only faked.

Indeed, six out of six U.S. federal court judges since 2006
have ordered judgments against Noreen Renier.
One federal judge ruled she wasn't credible and misled
his court.  Soon after four more federal judges agreed with
that ruling. Noreen Renier is far from what she appears.

Noreen Renier as an "investigator for the FBI"?
Not true.  Never. The FBI and other law enforcement
agencies aren't hiring Noreen Renier as a psychic detective
or as a sanctioned paranormal police investigator.
And Noreen Renier has never been paid by even a single
State law enforcement forensic team to work on a case.
And police agencies across townships, cities, counties,
and entire countries avoid her discredited and delusional
visions now tracked as truly dismal after four decades.

Clearly for decades she's pushed shams about
her "police work" to fool the public. 

In fact in response to previous federal court inquiries
Noreen Jean Renier --back near Orlando since 2013--
couldn't cite even a single police agency that had
ever hired her across years.  This came even
as Noreen Renier lied about on-going police work
to others.

 Noreen Renier's site and emails show
fabricated delusions of being a credible "unsolved case"
psychic investigator.  She claims such work at the FBI and
across dozens of U.S. states.  But provides no specific
agency names for those she claims regularly hire her.

Why?  Because her claims are nonsense and bold lies
that she herself has showcased as bogus based on her own
federal court filings. Think you saw her on TV solving a
real police case? Think again --- you saw re-creations by
a TV pretend-reality studio using actors and actresses.

Indeed, even during periods when she's claimed to media
as being hired by state, county, and city law enforcement
agencies Noreen Renier has exaggerated and deceived.

She herself failed to list or report even one agency as an
income source across years of filings she had to file during
her most recent personal bankruptcy --- her 2nd round in
bankruptcy in less than 10 years.  Apparently as a psychic
she lacks foresight that she will repeatedly owe debts to

Across seven different financial accounts she listed
(including her many multiple checking accounts) not
a single deposit came directly from a police agency for
any paranormal investigative work of any kind.

Not one.  No wire transfers and no hiring payment checks.
Noreen Renier's "hundreds" of direct police hiring's are
a sham --- as are her hundreds of matching police cases.

Noreen Renier clearly fabricates pretend direct police
hiring's to fool people and pass herself off as a
"highly credible" & "directly hired" police case investigator.

Indeed Noreen Renier falsely pushes email connections by
marketing herself as being directly paid across more than
450 cases by law enforcement agencies.  But both those
cases and direct hiring's never happened.

Previously Noreen Renier testified she was even hired
by a ghost and helped solve a mysterious case where
toilNoreen Renier MEDIUM book, FBi sealets were overflowing!

She maximizes exaggerations. Including book covers
using the FBI official seal (without the FBI authorization
to do so), along with a false cover claim that she's
an "investigator for the FBI". 

Noreen Renier is neither a "highly credible" police psychic
detective nor a "super psychic" medium
offering amazing paranormal powers.

Everything Noreen Renier claims seems to
circle back to even more deceptions.


Her paranormal ability claims and fake
police hiring's are simply promotional stunts.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Here are the facts.

"Super psychic" Noreen Renier has extensively exaggerated across YouTube, TV, Facebook, 
and in public appearances including one she gave in 2012 at the Clinton Library.

The cover of her latest book MEDIUM falsely claims she's an investigator with the FBI.
That's a bogus exaggeration that officials at the FBI strongly deny. 

Her book even misappropriates the FBI seal on its cover for commercial purposes ---
also a misuse of the FBI seal based on FBI and U.S. Department of Justice filings.
It is such a serious matter that this type of  unauthorized misuse of the FBI seal is
under a stringent FBI policy that includes potential criminal actions for such  misuse.
Even on book covers.

Since 2006 five U.S. federal court judgments have been ordered against Noreen Renier by six
different federal judges in four different federal courts.

Apparently beyond fooling the public Noreen Renier's real talent is racking up federal court
rulings against herself. For one victim she was even ordered to pay more than $40,000.00.

With a professional stage and TV actress background --- she even opened her own
nightclub act --- Noreen Renier has also repeatedly exaggerated her academic titles and
pushes paranormal abilities based on tests and results which never

Noreen Renier has received multiple checks at $5000 each and payments of far more from
TV series production companies.  She promotes fantasized events that never occurred
on YouTube, Facebook, and TV episodes of Disappeared, Psychic Investigators, and
Psychic Detectives.

This massive sham by Noreen Renier was uncovered during recent private investigations,
federal court litigation, and while using U.S. federal court authorized subpoena's.
76-year old Noreen Renier (as of 1-16-2013) has also lied about working on "several"
FBI investigations.

Noreen Renier may well lack academic credentials beyond the 8th grade though she
has falsely posed as a college "adjunct faculty" member. 

In March 2011 a federal judge ruled Noreen Renier was not credible and had misled his Court.

Four months later another U.S. judge ruled against Renier again, agreeing with the first. 
And on April 18, 2012 a court immediately under the U.S. Supreme Court also rejected
Noreen Renier's attempt to overturn her "not credible" federal court ruling.

In her July 2011 book titled The Practical Psychic Noreen Renier claims she is "the first psychic to ever work with the FBI" and on the cover of her copyrighted book MEDIUM, she is bogusly identified as an "investigator for the FBI."

Those claims and images are among a string of psychic spoofs and exaggerations author and actress Noreen Renier has spun over the last three decades --- with a full segmented index covering Noreen Renier available at Noreen Renier indexed topics.

Author Noreen Renier has never been hired or worked as an authorized FBI crime case investigator for any FBI investigative crime bureau. Nor at any FBI crime lab or field investigation division office. She has not participated in a single FBI crime investigation anywhere in the world as a sanctioned FBI investigator.

It is highly unusual for a U.S. federal judge to cite someone as being both misleading and non-credible. But Noreen Renier has been told she was both in March 2011. And in July 2011 a U.S. District Court judge refused to over turn that decision after a 42-page appeal by Renier. And on April 18, 2012 Renier's attempt at a second appeal was also rejected.

The French language edition of Noreen Renier's book MEDIUM: Enquetrice pour le FBI (which translates to Medium: Investigator for the FBI) takes the charade one step further by also displaying an FBI investigator's badge just below Noreen Renier's name and further pushes a false FBI investigative connection by Renier using a photo on it's back cover of an FBI crime scene.

Agents in the photo are wearing FBI clothing and the words highlight Renier's work on investigations. But such FBI crime investigations she never performed and she will never be authorized or sanctioned as an FBI crime investigator.

"She cleverly fabricates claims and packages them as luscious chocolate pastries along with a marketing campaign that looks, smells, and invites a taste" states Tom Williams, a former Renier supporter. "But when you tear off the pretty wrappings all your senses scream rotting fish with maggots. You are simply stunned that you were so badly misled."

In reality her highly insignificant involvement with the FBI was limited in 1981 to providing a few minutes of discussion about her claimed paranormal visionary powers before a luncheon session of FBI students and trainers.

And those paranormal investigative claims according to one participant "went down as poorly as the salad macaroni." While some may have considered her remarks entertaining her "performance" had nothing to do with being involved in FBI criminal investigations.

While TV police psychic player Noreen Renier has falsely marketed herself as a famous FBI psychic the truth is that her total time as a brief guest at their training academy was limited to a few hours total with just a few minutes spent speaking about paranormal investigations, and all before 1982.

Yet over 30 years Noreen Renier has created a highly delusional profile of extensive involvement as a FBI crime investigator with "hundreds" of other direct hiring's by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Psychic Noreen Renier also posts material on her Facebook blog many have discovered is misleading.

The claim that "police use psychics" is now even more questionable as the principal supporters of that claim cite Noreen Renier as their leading proof.

Victor Zammit ---a highly naive and outspoken "contact with the dead" believer of police using psychics--- has pointed repeatedly to Noreen Renier and Laurie McQuary in the U.S. as solid proof of police using psychics. This in spite of a federal judge ruling in 2011 that Renier is not credible and a March 2011 CBS 'First Edition' televised report exposing Portland psychic Laurie McQuary's delusions of a murder that never existed!

As of June 2011 Noreen Renier claims on her web site she's "a highly respected psychic detective who has worked on over 600 unsolved cases with city, county, and state Law Enforcement Agencies in 38 states and 6 foreign countries."

But not a single State Police law enforcement agency across all 50 U.S. states has for years booked or paid for paranormal investigative work by player Noreen Renier. And it's very likely that for the last three decades the number is not hundreds or even dozens. But also zero.

Long time psychic police supporters Victor Zammit, Vernon J. Geberth, Rod Englert, and Professor R.L. Van  de Castle it seems are highly naive in citing Noreen Renier as a credible woman helping resolve police cases with her paranormal super powers.

Yet naive doesn't begin to describe these four men and their gullibility in praising and promoting hocus pocus practitioners.

Noreen Renier hasn't even publicly released the names of just ten U.S. law enforcement agencies who have directly hired her for paranormal services much less the hundreds she claims. Has even one existed in the last decade?

With two previous federal court judgments ordered against her in 2006 and 2007 Renier's credibility was already in question before the latest March 2011 statement by a federal judge. As were Noreen Renier's claims of obtaining "credible" murder information told by informants picwho are not human such as a dying horse.

She even claims she can translate into English her communication with credible informants such as oak trees!

So it's not surprising that 74-year old Noreen Renier has never --- throughout her 35 year psychic career --- publicly disclosed a complete listing of law enforcement agencies she claims "hired" her directly. In fact other than a few scattered township and county offices that she claims she "worked with" but may not have actually paid her, apparently nothing is publicly documented to support her claims.

She hasn't even been willing to list those agencies within the 38 states of the United States of America she claims to have worked with.

That's at least 38 agencies. But Renier claims far more.

On July 22, 2004 Noreen Renier stated during an Court TV on-line interview that "I've worked on over 450 cases. . . when the police hire me, that's usually 70 percent of the time. . . I've put people in jail."

If true about 70% of her cases should have been directly booked and paid by law enforcement agencies, with her standard fees set at $1000 for a typical 90-120 minute phone reading and consultation. Given her latest count of "more than 650" cases, 70% would be near 450 cases where she was "hired" by law enforcement agencies.

Who are these agencies? As she has spent more than 20 years as a resident in the Charlottesville [Virginia] area one would assume she had worked with the local police.

Yet when asked about hiring Noreen Renier who lived until April 2011 just a few miles outside of Charlottesville Virginia, Lieutenant J.W. Gibson of the Charlottesville Police Department stated that they did not and would not use Renier and concerning the usefulness of psychics: "I would recommend police departments depend on investigations and scientific investigations—I'll leave it at that."

Given her $1000 published fee rate this has also seemed to imply hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid fees from law enforcement agencies over her 30 years of work.

But Noreen Renier's claims and those of many "believers" across Facebook and Twitter simply don't square on multiple levels.

On August 28, 2007 author and professional actress Noreen Renier declared her second Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing within 9 years. Soon after a key unpaid creditor whom she owed more than $41,000 decided to file subpoenas seeking her income records across her numerous checking, savings, and brokerage accounts.

Interestingly not a single check or reference to deposits from any state or federal law enforcement agency surfaced across years of accounts. Not even a reference to a single county law enforcement agency! Or even the smallest township law enforcement agency.


Given her claims one would have expected dozens if not "hundreds" of payments. Remember --- public law enforcement agencies who book and pay for consultants don't use cash. That's only in old movies and usually even then it was typically referenced for paying on-the-street drug informants.

Public agencies for decades have tightened their have rules and report consultant fees to the IRS.

Even in her own bankruptcy filings Noreen Renier failed to list even a single law enforcement agency as an employer though she told the U.S. Bankruptcy Court that her employers included a variety of TV shows. If direct booking and payments by law enforcement agencies reflect "60-70%" of her cases --- she stated she was "hired" directly --- where were all these listings on her subpoenaed income, banking, and bankruptcy filings?

They simply aren't there.

And neither was there any support to back up her claim across her own bank deposits or 7 different accounts!


Among her rare mentions of any law enforcement agencies and criminal justice institutions is one where she claims she has "lectured and given classes" as listed on her 2011 web site.

It's the Virginia Bureau of Forensic Science. But remember this isn't for case work --- she only claims it as an agency where she provided lectures and gave classes. Her words "Lectures" and "classes" (plural) imply repeated work.

On her web site she doesn't reference when or for how long these "law enforcement lectures and classes" occurred.

An investigative team requested public disclosures from the Virginia Bureau of Forensic Science and a senior officer reported that after researching they could find no multiple lectures, and no classes which involved Renier.  Renier apparently made only a single very brief appearance before this forensic group during a retraining seminar more than 27 years ago on September 24, 1982.

So almost three decades ago she gave a single lecture that lasted approximately 15 minutes. Are you surprised at her boldness?

And this still leaves her more than 450 cases where she was "hired" by law enforcement agencies.  

In recent months Noreen Renier continues to refer to working on "two or three cases a week" which after this subpoena investigation seems either exaggerated, delusional, or perhaps simply "cases" that are really with non-law enforcement clients talking about Nancy Drew mystery stories, contacts with a deceased spouses, or guessing where someone's missing jewelry might be found.

Yet author Noreen Renier's apparent exaggerations and deceptive claims about being hired directly by law enforcement agencies across "hundreds" of cases have continued.

And a few between 2006 and 2008 were even recorded.

On June 29, 2006 Noreen Renier was interviewed by host Christmas Miller on Contact Talk Radio.   Noreen referenced doing “2-3 cases a week" and stated that “Sometimes the police just call me directly.  They’ve heard of my work or if I work for one state usually they know about me, and [for] that state I might get 20-30 cases from one state at a time.”

38 states x 20-30 cases = 950 cases (using 25 cases). Add in the other 12 states and a host of international cases (she claims many) and Renier could be averaging somewhere between typically 180 cases and 3250 cases per year.

Or zero.

Is she credible?

It is interesting that Renier also claims that she becomes "drained" enduring troubling psychic sessions and that from "two seconds" to 24 hours later she can no longer recall anything about her telephone paranormal sessions.

Thus ---and perhaps rather conveniently --- she is able to continue doing 2-3 major cases per week plus other personal readings even as she alternates with a "recovery" day to calm down from the tremendous stress and endurance of being a "super pnoreen renier claims psychic powerssychic".

Three short 30-40 second audio clips confirm Renier's "law enforcement" references and can be downloaded here.  The first two segments are taken from a June 2006 interview with host Christmas Miller on Contact Talk Radio.  Segment three is from an October 30, 2008 interview on the '51% Show' broadcast on NPR radio affiliate and northeastern Public Radio station WAMC in Albany, N.Y.

Each will download automatically. The first discusses "20-30 cases" and can be heard by clicking Segment 1. Again these are short 30-40 second clips.

The recorded comments about her loss of memory recall can be heard by clicking here on Segment 2.

And more on her memory loss within the psychic world is available on Segment 3.

In the first audio recording Renier refers to receiving 20-30 cases from a single state "at a time" --- but there are no public records or evidence that any State law enforcement agency has paid for such paranormal dumping of such numerous cases to psychics.

All indications are that the statement is simply a bold lie.

And small township agencies wouldn't normally have 20-30 cases "at a time" to toss to Renier much less pay the $20,000 to $30,000 funds to offset her standard and posted fees for law enforcement agencies.

How many "law enforcement" direct bookings and payments across Renier's three decades of work really exist?

It seems the number zero is closer to the truth.

And what do the words "police work" mean?   If after thinking about a case --- even one where the police never requested heKnifelp --- what happens when a psychic pops a postcard in the mail with scribbled psychic visions?

And would popping a postcard in the mail to city police somewhere in Italy, Grenada, Tonga, Peru, Mauritius, or Djibouti count as assisting in 6 foreign countries?

As noted a federal judge on March 21, 2011 stated that Noreen Renier "misled the court" and she is not a credible witness. And now a string of reversals between editions of her biography A Mind For Murder have further raised questions about her accuracy in portraying police bookings and work.

The Burrville Police department Renier noted in the 2005 edition of her book A Mind For Murder suddenly became the Hampton Police department in 2008.

A woman she recalled in her visions as Sally and described in her 2005 edition became a Cindy when she recalled the same vision in her 2008 edition.

Her 2005 description of a man she claims she visioned years ago as big and strong with longish black hair with a white stripe radically changed to a thinned faced man with a scar and brown hair when she recalled the same vision in her 2008 second edition.  

When discussing murder victims killed by John W. Gacy she claims she first visioned a "Rob" in her 2005 edition though police verified three victims named Robert were among those killed.

But rather than indicating to readers which of the three Roberts she visioned she changes her story once again in 2008.

Her claim to having visioned any "Rob" most recently is now a "Jim" that she visioned instead.

Yet the victim "James" was already reported and established by the police years before!  

In the latest edition of A Mind For Murder author Renier also has changed major claims about how she located passengers and bodies amid a crashed plane.

Writing on her current blog psychic actress Noreen Renier notes "I can go on the ground and lead them from the last place where that person was seen for the last time to where the body is.  I'm like a radar machine that picks up the energy from objects and people."

Yet the facts examined and documented here show a "radar machine" badly out of sync with realities.  

Why for example since she claims to talk to the dead can't she get the last known address from a person who recently just died?

Marlene Lantz Chief Deputy Coroner for McHenry County, Illinois indicated that "I asked Noreen if she would come and address the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiner's Association at their Spring meeting. We had worked with Noreen on a homicide case in our county and she was a great help to us. I felt it was important to let members of the Association know what a valuable tool a Psychic may be in working those troubling cases. She was both informative and entertaining."

Illinois Coroner MaleNoreen Renier planene Lantz clearly supports a truly bizarre forensic paranormal psychic investigator.  Other members of the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiner's Association also supported "this expanded role beyond traditional forensic resources" and "a winning and credible alternative to traditional investigative methods." There aren't any other coroners we could locate across the U.S. who considered psychic actress Noreen Renier as "a valuable tool" after Renier testified in a court room as a soothsayer and claimed she stopped a ghost from over-flowing toilets.

But perhaps the professional level for coroners who base homicide case assistance on psychic paranormal charades rather than scientific analysis is rampant across McHenry County and among members of the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiners Association. After years they haven't bothered to publicly clarify on their web site their official position on using paranormal soothsayers.

Likewise in September 2005 Pennsylvania coroners hosted Noreen Renier at an annual convention at the Ramada Inn in Altoona. This after a leading magazine had already highlighted concerns about her claims and Noreen Renier had already violated a Florida State settlement agreement which resulted in a Washington U.S. federal court ruling against her.

Did public funds pay for these meetings for forensic paranormal 'contact with the dead' presentation nonsense? And why haven't both the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiners Association and Pennsylvania coroners issued public statements on their association web sites about such paranormal forensic concerns? Why haven't they corrected some of the misconceptions posted on the internet about their apparent promotion of the paranormal and helped end ties to a woman a federal judge describes as not credible and having misled his court?

Famous TV psychic Noreen Renier falsely and pathetically describes herself as a credible "super psychic" and having "a track record that no one can beat." Her $1000 paid hirings by families of lost missing children have continued.

Yet Noreen Renier's famous top level psychic player image is based upon clever marketing, Facebook and Twitter exaggerations, and paranormal charades --- and the continued silence from those like the coroners associations who have naively supported her.


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