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Victor Zammit is a lawyer, author, and after life proponent who pushes exaggerated paranormal claims, discredited after life mediums, and psychic police detective shams. Based near Sydney and New South Wales Australia Victor Zammit in 2014 continued to wrongly discredit those who uncover psychic charades and shams. He also "cherry picks" among half truths and exaggerations to claim "police do use psychics."

In fact both in 2011 and 2012 three United States federal courts ruled against a woman (Noreen Renier shown above) who Victor Zammit promotes as a "forensic psychic-medium expert" --- the same woman one U.S. federal court judge ruled as 'not credible' and having misled a federal court while under oath. That ruling was followed by an even higher U.S. District Court also ordering a second ruling against the woman Victor Zammit still describes as "a gifted psychic" with paranormal talents.

And on April 18, 2012 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ---- a court immediately beneath the U.S. Supreme Court --- ruled against Noreen Renier and in favor of a critic Victor Zammit mocked as a court loser in an internet rant. Yet now investigators have discovered in conjunction with federal court subpoenas that psychic detective and medium Noreen Renier has falsified "hundreds" of hirings from public law enforcement agencies --- agencies which have never hired her not just since 2005 --- but never hired her in the last 100 years! Yet Victor Zammit still falsely claims that U.S. police agencies use spirit mediums and cites her as one of the best examples!

In 2015 every U.S. and Canadian federal law enforcement agency, and all 50 U.S. State Police agencies have eliminated hiring or using psychics in investigatons. Additionally the FBI, NYPD, LAPD, and hundreds of other police agencies have halted hiring or using psychics after three decades of psychic failures.

TV programs may push psychic detectives but the real story is that the use of trained police dogs offers less cost per case, far reduced and limited legal liabilities, virtually no overturned convictions, and a documented history of solving crimes and obtaining actual court convictions --- about 572,000 to 1 over missing person psychic detectives.

Compared with the top ten psychic detectives worldwide since 1985 police dogs hold an approximate 85,000 to 1 chance of finding a missing person alive over the psychics and a 640,000 to 1 chance of finding a missing person dead or alive more than a year before these psychics --- even on cases up to 30 years old!

At best, attorney and author Victor Zammit is unbelievably naive in picking credible mediums and psychic detectives. And this marks his ninth miss in selecting credible psychic mediums!

Indeed it's just about impossible to believe that anyone could get so much wrong and shout it to the world by e-mail and across the Victor Zammit web site. Even now this Australian after-life proponent knowingly is distributing the same "anti sceptic" storyline that his "gifted psychic" --- TV and Facebook psychic detective actress Noreen Renier --- sued a skeptic writer and walked away unscathed and credible after a major court win. He distorts the truth.

Is lawyer Victor Zammit so arrogant to believe that his opinion is more refined at communicating the truth than five American court rooms this decade who actually heard the evidence and reached other determinations?

Why hasn't Victor Zammit revealed to his readers the judgments against his psychic from 2006 to 2012 including the latest rulings against her?

Australia's Victor Zammit simply ignores truthful facts before promoting anyone ---even those who judges detNoreen Renierermined were misleading in court rooms. If a woman claims to communicate with the dead and to find missing persons with paranormal powers Victor Zammit apparently will simply describe her as a "gifted" citizen.

His apparent attitude? Any full and honest public disclosure on his part that alters what he has determined to be the truth doesn't need to be revealed.

He will select the evidence and report the outcome as he has determined.

Author Victor Zammit is a retired New South Wales (Sidney Australia area) attorney who pushes garbled "scientific" research charades and helps promote non-credible paranormal pretenders. Indeed, after death author Victor James Zammit dished out a email rant offering snippets of truth skillfully packaged with innuendo and distortion.

This PETER Group commercial-free web site in 2015 is now approaching 1 million global views since being founded in 2005. 

Victor Zammit has for the past decade showed he's willing to browbeat and publicly harass even persons which the highest American courts have found in favor of --- including a man who uncovered that leading global TV psychic detective Noreen Renier misled the public.

This comes just a few short years after Noreen Renier was hit hard by Washington U.S. District court judgments against her (in 2006 and 2007) ordered by Judge James L. Robart. And just months after U.S. federal Judge William Anderson noted on March 21, 2011 "The overwhelming problem with Renier’s case is that this court did not find her … to be a credible witness.  There are reasons for this conclusion, beyond her demeanor.  First, she misled the court when she indicated that she intended to abide by [a directive] order. … Renier stood not five feet away [from this bench] and agreed to abide. … Her [later] testimony … evidences that she did not intend at any time to abide by the memorialization of the court’s words.”

And only months after those words were written a Virginia U.S. District court and judge backed that same decision and rejected an appeal by Noreen Renier in July 2011 and now more recently on April 18, 2012.

Such American court decisions can easily be found on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL yet haven't satisfied Australia's Victor Zammit. Apparently the men and women in American court rooms reached a decision against Noreen Renier he doesn't wish to acknowledge as sound justice.

Instead Victor Zammit stimulates internet and Facebook paranormal charades.

In fact while millions of global TV viewers have been hoodwinked by the antics of this aging actress and former lounge entertainer posing as a "super psychic" retired lawyer Victor Zammit has distributed completely fabricated FBI personnel support statements connected to her. Whether his referenced FBI statements are his own writings or created by otNancy Drewhers the reality is the statements he claims FBI personnel gave are faked and bogus.

In December 2011 retired Australian attorney and author Victor James Zammit released on his personal blog an item he titled “Justice Done!” which claims a U.S. based psychic scored a U.S. court victory over a sceptic writer.

Somewhat oddly his 'breaking news' announcement mentioned no specific court, location, time, judge, or any current follow-up litigation.

Zammit's marketed announcement was apparently designed to be confused as fresh news coming after months of 2011 litigation losses by Noreen Renier in U.S. federal courts.

In early December 2011 --- the same week Victor Zammit released his blitz --- both skeptics and paranormal believers were waiting anxiously on the outcome of Noreen Renier's second federal court appeal before the second highest court in the United States just one step down from the U.S. Supreme Court!

That major decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered a judgment against Noreen Renier on April 18, 2012.

It is likely the last nail in the coffin for Noreen Renier's efforts to convince courts that she is credible.

So what was the tremendous court victory against a critic of Ms. Renier that retired attorney Victor Zammit decided to promote worldwide as 'breaking news' without identifying it as something other than what was current?

Zammit's global publicity rally against the U.S. paranormal critic --- one he's never met --- consisted of equal parts fabrication, innuendo, and jumbled facts about a court decision ---never mentioned by date ---which actually occurred more than 25 years ago!

And then not in any of the three United States federal courts where Noreen Renier has lost litigation since 2006 against the same critic Zammit just reports as having "lost" --- but instead relating to an outcome in a small rural county level court house in southern Oregon (western U.S.) where Renier lived in a township of less than 1900 people in 1985.

Why did Victor Zammit suddenly decide while awaiting the outcome of federal court litigation in the second highest court in the United States to suddenly cite --- with no date or court named --- a victory more than 25 years old that happened in a small county court house?

Why indeed. And let's not for a moment believe it was coincidental. It certainly appears to have been a "pre-victory" celebration for what on April 18, 2012 was another major loss by Noreen Renier. Amazingly his writings set off celebrations among many of Renier's supporters who assumed she had won in the nation's second highest court.

Zammit never said otherwise. And neither has Renier.

Perhaps --- and likely --- former attorney Victor Zammit really has no idea even what the 1985-1986 case he cited was about. He certainly was not in the court room nor has ever reviewed the three days of court transcripts. So let's briefly in six sentences fill everybody --- including Mr. Zammit himself --- in on just part of what transpired.

In her deposition taken in the mid 1980's Noreen Renier stated that by changing her rate of psychic vibrations she could heal. She recalled "some healing on a young girl and it was successful" and "however a person hurts, if they have a cold I would try to heal that, I could."

Asked during her testimony on whether she could cure cancer with her "vibration process" she answered, "I feel I can help people, sometimes more successful than other times."

And when asked while still under oath for a specific case of her medical curing Noreen Renier said that due to her intervention "A girl was going to have an operation and she had a cyst and it disappeared, and she didn't have to have the operation."  Additionally she noted, "My father had a knee injury from years and years and he was in a lot of pain and when I became a psychic he visited me and he has never had a problem with his knee again."

The critic cited by Victor Zammit was at the time a member of the National Council Against Health Fraud.

Now 27 years later we have hundreds of American's including researchers, eye-witnesses, unpaid creditors, law clerks, attorneys, state and federal judges, and ultimately those who judged and determined the latest rulings against Noreen Renier.

And if you are interested, this isn't the first psychic detective backed by Victor Zammit that has badly fallen from 'paranormal perfection'. Noreen Renier marks his ninth disaster pick in just the last four years!

For a four minute devastating 'sting operation' video (commercial-free) produced by CBS-TV for their U.S. news and information show 'Inside Edition' showcasing Victor Zammit's 'authentic and highly credible' (but apparently delusional) psychic detective Laurie McQuary, simply click here. You'll be returned here when you close out the video page. It's well worth seeing --- but once again --- we have only dead silence from Victor Zammit following it's broadcast before millions.

And remember while you watch the 4-minute news video that she remains backed by Victor Zammit in 2013!

So why does Australian based Victor Zammit believe these American's failed to adequately determine justice?

Why does he ignore the very American's who actually listened to more modern evidence for and against Noreen Renier in the last decade and have made a string of decisions against her in the nation's highest courts?

Is Victor Zammit claiming that the highest American courts and those who make the decisions after hearing testimony are now corrupt and lack his own ability to decide who is right and who is wrong? Or who is credible and who is not?

Is his willingness to not disclose 27 years of time and higher court rulings against Renier a sign of incredible arrogance against American justice or something more?

Does author Victor Zammit hold a hatred of American's who decide cases against a psychic medium even in areas outside typical paranormal considerations? Does Victor Zammit believe that psychic mediums can do no wrong?

Why did he fail to report on the decisions of American's and also both federal courts and judges who actually ruled against Renier and instead only report on a case 27 years ago while never mentioning it's time, court, or location?

Fair play? Bully tactics? Anti-American bias?

North Carolina (eastern state in the United States) based Noreen Renier for decades has linked herself to psychic psychometry, a mystical claim that through touch or within proximity of an object a psychic can discern what has occurred in the past.  This includes communication that she translates into English from oak trees, dead horses, and an "oriental" entity named Sing. In recent years followers of psychometry have included those who replicate the fiction behind Star Trek Vulcan visions of the tistra noc.

Is it a coincidence that the Vulcan term tistra noc spelled backwards is con artist?

The very few paranormal mediums who continue follow to follow this hocus pocus and its pseudo-medical extensions have dropped to literally a single handful and none have been able to sense any unknowns beyond chance during thousands of controlled tests. 

Yet Noreen Renier is a woman Victor Zammit supports --- even after a ruling by a U.S. federal court judge otherwise --- as credible and a "gifted psychic."

Yet even the small county courtroom 'victory' he cites was actually followed up after the courtroom decision by eye-witnesses who publicly debunked critical areas in Noreen Renier's exaggerated 1986 testimony.

Instead Zammit cites statements which never took place by two FBI agents who never stood in the court room!

Indeed in his 'Justice Done!' tirade Victor Zammit claims "highly qualified witnesses" including those FBI agents convinced a jury that psychic Noreen Renier was truly gifted. His deceptive December 2011 media release falsely claims that one FBI agent "testified" about her work "stating under oath that her psychic skills helped him enormously to close cases" and were "a significant help to his department."

Are these fabricated statements falsely credited to FBI officers Victor Zammit's own delusional literary exaggerations --- or captured from Noreen Renier herself? Either way both Victor Zammit and Noreen Renier posted the identical material on their personal blogs.

Not to be out done, London area based self described clairvoyant and psychic medium Leo Bonomo passed along Zammit's December 2011 release without his own checking of the facts.

And none of the publicity releases by Victor Zammit, Noreen Renier, or London's medium Leo Bonomo mention that the same skeptic they cite as having lost actually came back to win a string of uninterrupted federal court victories against Renier.

Those included recent decisions where Noreen Renier was ordered to pay to the same skeptic not just the entire sum of $25,000 she won in 1986 but amounts far greater --- well above $40,000. Even the majority of $9000 to purchase back her own book copyright held by a federal bankruptcy court was paid to her critic. And in 2010 she further had to give up collected book royalty payments held by a court which were then paid to her critic.

Ultimately Victor Zammit ignores that Noreen Renier declared a second Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2007 with unpaid debts to the same critic (and then her principal unpaid creditor) of over $40,000. And in the same bankruptcy court that she failed to initially report more than $100,000 in income and thousands in additional assets.

This is Victor Zammit's "gifted psychic" who is was victorious and in his mind is highly credible?

Of course author Victor Zammit could have brought up all this information easily on any search engine like Google.

Amid investigative advances, new forensic technology, improved procedures for examining reports from police psychics, threats of lawsuits, and overturned convictions when psychics become involved in public investigations --- police psychic detectives have become a relic of the past and increasingly a deep embarrassment to many.

Renier's interaction with law enforcement personnel has been quite informal at times during the past 20 years.   Video footage shows the use of alcohol during some sessions and both video and audio recordings exist showcasing Noreen Renier portraying paranormal "body exchanges" including becoming the Zodiac Killer as well as assorted murder victims.  

A 1984 newspaper article by journalist Gary Kearns, published in Charlottesville, Virginia, noted Renier attempted to locate the bodies of a drowned father and son by "holding pendulums over the aerial maps" and then asking "the spirits of the deceased to enter the room.  Ms. Renier told the class that if the pendulum swung back and forth instead of side to side, they were over the right spot on the map."

Not surprisingly she failed to find the missing father and son team using this practice. Indeed Noreen Renier has never led any law enforcement officer to a missing child or person before they died of exposure or death due to injury.

In the mid 1980s, Renier issued a publicity packet which included the statement, "An optional trance is held in the evening with workshop members encouraged to make contact with deceased relatives, friends or famous people, and questions may be posed to 'Sing' and 'Robert,' Noreen's two main spiritual entities, who have something to say about everything!" 

And journalist Woody Greenburg quoted Renier as stating that "two entities work through me.  A gentle Oriental, and a gruff no-nonsense personality named Robert."  

Renier confirmed this practice of medium ship just two years later in court testimony.   She revealed her success in charging to provide her "entities" for people seeking information from those who had died.   In a court deposition taken in 1986 Renier stated, "I know people who claim to have different names and different mannerisms through me while they are in an altered state of consciousness.  I don't know [where] it comes from -- if it is my unconscious or some spirit, I don't know where they come from, I know the information is usually accurate that we get." [Emphasis added.]

Questioned on whether her entities pass on information that they are receiving through people such as deceased husbands of her clients, Renier responded in court "Oh, they go get the deceased husband saying, 'We will bring him down,' [or] whatever."   After this connection the deceased (according to Renier's testimony) sometimes speak through her entities.

Under testimony "America's leading and best missing person psychic" Noreen Renier claimed she communicated with a friendly ghost who then stopped toilets and plumbing from overflowing.

Not to be outdone, Noreen Renier also initially claimed she had visions of intersecting towns with the initials H, D and A which determined the location of a crashed aircraft which "had mysteriously vanished from the sky."

But after the critic slammed by author Victor Zammit noted that the letters H, D and A represented errors Renier changed her story saying her prior intersecting visions had been the letters G, T and O.   And then she claimed it was a river instead of a town that corresponded to one of her three letters.  And more recently she changed the angled intersections matching her visions of three letters from towns to counties and apparently tossed out the river.   Nothing in her twisted angles and intersections makes sense and actual eye-witnesses who actually found the plane never heard of Renier! In two cases she actually lied about the eye-witnesses including her claim that one stumbled over the body of a dead passenger!

A local police officer who was on the case was not impressed. He and an entire state of reporters and law enforcement officers know Noreen Renier did not find the plane. As do the actual two people who found the plane.

But in 1986 Noreen Renier told a small jury --- just six people --- in a small court room that she found the plane.

Readers can determine for themselves just how much psychic bamboozle is behind this intersecting farce --- now resurrected by Victor Zammit as part of a stupendous psychic victory --- in links provided at the bottom of the home page of the commercial-free web site Commentary by Sherlock (click here) .



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