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How much does a psychic medium cost? What does a psychic ESP reading cost? Are psychic detective services credible? How can you pick the best mediums and psychics? How can you avoid "fake" psychics or psychic frauds and those who aren't on Better Business Bureau reports?

This info by the PETER Group and the WSA Public Protection Group was last updated at the end of 2014.






This web site is solely to protect and educate the public about the fees and claims of paranormal psychics and psychic mediums. We offer no services, sell nothing, do not endorse any businesses, and do not accept donations. We hope you find the data useful.

This info is a simple 6 page summary taken from 78 pages of data sourced by a non-profit agency involved in protecting the public across various businesses that have high levels of deception and fraud. The agency participated until the close of 2014 with two other non-profit agencies in a joint U.S., Canadian, and European program to consolidate psychic business and client reports. Posted are the December 26, 2014 results for psychic fees within 3 categories, and also recent performance and client rating results based on more than 11,500 global psychic mediums, intuitive's, and psychic detectives.

Psychic fees and costs in both North America and Europe have continued to fall dramatically by more than 88% since fees in mid 2009. Fees fell more than 60% in 2010 and 2011 alone. Present 2014 charges for psychic fees average just 11% of the rates charged from 2004-2006. It's estimated the percentage of the public regularly paying for "psychic" consulting readings has declined by more than 90% since 2006.

Those seeking psychic readings should absolutely avoid anyone promoting "per minute" psychic fees. Fees (often just $20 to $45 per hour) are charged by paranormal professionals who appear to be more accurate than "per minute" servicers. After more than 65,000 tests conducted since 2007 no paranormal participant was ever able to accurately conduct a psychic reading that scored above random chance (or simply story-telling) within a period less than 30 minutes. It is simply insufficient time to "connect" accurately --- and those who claim otherwise have repeatedly been shown as either frauds or delusional about their abilities and accuracy.

Unfortunately many psychic / intuitive providers simply re-use the same lines they have memorized for short 10-20 minute sessions and their performance is currently 98% of the time actually less than random chance for being accurate. The highest and most accurate performance sessions lasted a minimum of 47 minutes and allowed the provider to better communicate and the purchaser to better identify whether the provider was "guessing" or simply "using a canned speech." The majority of high-scoring psychics across 2014 only charged an average near 50 cents (in U.S. dollars), and well under 1 euro per minute over a one hour period. Higher fee rates rather than improving the accuracy of the readings often actually declined the level of performance and accuracy --- particularly with sessions under 30 minutes.

Actual fees are in blue below.

The rates between a "psychic", an "intuitive", and a "psychic detective" should be based by performance, not their title. All psychic test score data indicates there is no difference in performance for those claiming special titles such as using "certified" or "professional". The latest data shows more than 97% of those using such titles are neither certified nor professionally recognized by the two remaining accredited academic centers still conducting credible testing.

The typical psychic fee rates shown below cover a personal or legal/crime psychic reading for each of 3 psychic categories as described. While some psychics attempt to charge different rates depending on the concerns, U.S. non-profit commercial business test results show that psychics displaying authentic capabilities are capable of providing equal performance on all subject matters with no additional effort or "paranormal psychic distress".

Psychic and paranormal intuitive business fees and rates are typically uniform across the United States with the exception of Las Vegas, Orlando, Cherry Hills Village (Colorado), Sun Valley (Idaho), and Hillsborough (California) where rates for at least a dozen psychics / intuitive's in those areas are typically 10% to 12% higher. In Canada some fees in the Vancouver and Toronto areas are typically 10% higher. European fees for similar performance servicers vary but generally by no more than 15%.

European and U.S. based psychics showed a significantly higher level of fraudulent claims and/or over-charged fees than did Canadian psychic servicers. For the U.S. this increased level was 16 times greater than for Canadian servicers of equivalent performance, and across Eastern Europe (particularly in the London, Amsterdam and Paris metro areas), and in Australia and New Zealand the fraudulent claim level rose an amazing 87% between 2011 and 2014!

Use of a charge card by all buyers across North America and Europe is encouraged as psychic dealers or independent psychics who deal only in cash rank significantly higher on fraud concerns and also typically scored significantly less in accuracy.



Category 1 psychics accounts for just 2.8% of all psychics/intuitive's. Category 1 is the "top" performance category a paranormal can be. Within this category the performance is ranked from level 1 (fair) to level 7 (best).

Category 1 levels: This category typically includes well known and recognized national TV psychics, leading psychic authors, or well known intuitive's that offer a web site with 3 or more posted and signed documents from a public agency or public university for accurate parapsychology test results.  Providers at this level typically have a minimum 4-year bachelor degree (BA/BS) in psychology with matching accredited PSI performance training with a posted diploma from a leading accredited university. 

It is likely that a tested performance score for servicers in this category will be posted on a public web site. Their test report scores should also be from a test conducted less than 14 months ago.  Most professional psychics worldwide are now fully aware of the low-cost testing and skill programs though a small minority attempt to confuse their clients about the program rather than participate. You should be concerned about those who suggest paranormal testing programs are not accurate --- they are. After years of developing international security and profiling programs with far better software and screening systems current tests can determine paranormal abilities above random chance (and higher) with up to 99.2% accuracy. There is no reason (or cost) why someone who claims paranormal abilities would now avoid being tested. Those who decline are highly likely be either deceptive about their actual paranormal abilities or may be delusional about their own abilities.

Psychic providers in Category 1 virtually always have a public web site posting all of their certifications, accredited degrees, dates of graduation, recent test scores, Better Business Bureau membership and current rating, and a current BBB membership seal of approval. They must have participated in one or more psychic tests offered since 2008 by an accredited public non-profit agency. Such psychics/intuitive's also typically allow payment by two or three different major credit cards which typically reflects superior business practices and a better educated client base.

More than 97% of all psychics conducting business throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Europe do not meet this Category 1 level covering the highest performance and evaluated psychics. If your psychic selection does not meet these requirements please see the next level below highlighted in brown.

The few psychic detectives in Category 1 have been confirmed as displaying on their public web site at least 5 State Police (or equivalent law enforcement agency levels in Canada and Europe) agency statements --- not simply statements by single officers --- which confirm and endorse their successful use by that public law enforcement agency. All 50 U.S. State Police agencies now provide this public information. Do not be fooled by psychic detective claims that such public agency confirmations are not available and avoid psychic detectives who make such claims.

TYPICAL FEES FOR LEVEL 1 (Only 4 out of every 100 psychics meet this qualified level as it represents the best and these fees should be the absolute most you should ever pay): One-on-one session in person at office or at public conference room: $39-$60 for full 60-minute session. Telephone reading fees at this same level are significantly lower at $25-$35 for a full 60-minute session. Recent test results continue to show no correlation between higher charge rates by psychics and improved performance. In fact in this latest analysis the most expensive psychics (representing an estimated percentage of less than 0.3% of all psychic/intuitive providers nationally) who charged typically $100 to $600 per hour all failed to meet L4-L7 levels, scoring S2, S4, and L1 --- all levels well below random chance in accuracy. Fees paid come with high levels of risk as less than 0.4% of all readings were deemed possibly accurate within a 4-year period of time even among the highest accuracy segment of paranormal psychic business participants. Levels 2 and 3 shown below.

A standard tip rate for this category is $10 if more than 5 points made by psychic were significantly accurate about already known prior events.


Covers about 24% of all psychics and intuitive's with most above grade level L4 (L1 to L7 with L7 being the best performance within this category).

Category 2 level description: Rates and performance level typically offered by a regional self-recognized psychic and/or one with above average media reviews. Approximately 20% of those in this group still publicly display on their public web site a 4-year bachelor degree (BA/BS) in psychology from an accredited university.

Psychics/Intuitive's failing to display or referencing an accredited university or college diploma should be asked for their educational level as generally higher levels of education match with better business practices and current data shows a near 90% reduction in practitioner fraud among those with 4-year accredited degrees. The public should avoid using services offered by psychics/intuitive's promoting “Psychic Angel” type "PhD" diplomas and certifications as data indicates this segment of providers typically has the least paranormal accuracy rates and are also among the highest segment practioners of deception, particularly within the United States, India, Australia, and Great Britain.

Various "psychic PhD certifications" are available throughout North America and Europe by mail-order for less than $100 (USD) and such non-accredited test/certification programs lack credibility.

This level participant virtually always has a public web site posting three or more testing certifications with the dates, but typically lacks signed and publicly posted recommendations from any law enforcement agency or local government office. While references are often provided they typically lack credibility as those cited have no training in evaluating actual paranormal abilities during controlled testing. Nor are simple names or initials able to be followed up for verifications. In attempting to follow up on the recommendations posted on more than 1200 web sites we found more than 98% of the sites included bogus references.

Within this Category 2 group more than 94% of all the psychic servicers currently allow client payments to be made on at least one major credit card (rather than just cash).

The use of credit cards typically matches with data indicating such business psychics/intuitive's score better on client survey evaluations and also have a significantly lower level of fraud reports. They also rank better on Better Business Bureau reports and in similar public justice/constable office concerns. Periods for such reports have been evaluated if publicly available within the last 3 years.

TYPICAL FEES FOR LEVEL 2 (About 1 in 4 psychics meet this qualified level of performance and skills and they perform less accurately than Level 1):  You should pay for a one-on-one session in person at office or at public conference room from $15-$40 for full 60-minute session.  For sessions lasting less than 20 minutes the rate should be $10 to $20, and users are warned that psychic sessions of lengths less than 47 minutes have ranked ranked low in performance accuracy and significantly higher in potential fraud. Standard tip $5 if more than 5 points made by psychic were significantly accurate about already known prior events. Telephone reading sessions (which tests show result in accuracy ratings dropping by more than 60%) should be priced lower at $20-$35 for a full 60-minute session.  For psychic readings offered by phone lasting less than 47 minutes see the 'Grade S1 to S5' below. A standard tip rate is near $10 if more than 5 points made by psychic were significantly accurate about already known prior events.



Covers the lowest performance category of psychics/intuitives covering about 3 in every 4 psychics who claim paranormal psychic abilities but may be misleading themselves or their clients. Current scoring and client reports suggest that those in this category and within these levels typically offer services scoring less accurate than random chance or at random chance levels. Essentially most or all of these people are simply good story tellers and even if they have paranormal abilities they are lacking accuracy. This group also includes an extremely high rate (above 98%) of delusional and/or fraudulent paranormal servicer claims.

Category and level descriptions: This last category shows the rates among many "self-recognized" psychics who typically lack an an accredited 4-year university or college degree, and have been unwilling to provide documents on their web sites of endorsements from public agencies or present their current Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint status. Few in this category post on their web sites any HFOCA testing references or a BBB seal of approval. Typically the psychics/intuitives in this category are lacking publicly posted test results or have scores less than Grade SC3 within the last full year. About 70% of the business psychics/intuitives at this level are either unaware or negligent in using testing services.  Almost 94% of those with scores and evaluations in this level have 3-6 issues of major concern reported by prior clients and more than 85% in this category reference "bogus" non-accredited diplomas. Generally at the lowest level in performance accuracy (SC1-SC2) almost all within this category fail to predict even 0.3% better than random chance/guessing. About 85% allow charge card use for their services but user surveys show their forecasting performance failed for at least 2 years after the buyers obtained a psychic reading. Among client descriptions of "con artists" many were based in the SC1-SC4 level, though the term was used across all levels including L7.

TYPICAL FEES FOR THIS LEVEL: One-on-one session in person at office or at public conference room: $15-$30 for full 60-minute session.  For this category of psychic/intuitive provider the researchers recommend NOT using such psychic practioners. Not a single psychic/intuitive provider has been able to provide a reading even equal to random chance when the session lasted less than 40 minutes. Among those providing a reading lasting longer than 40 minutes the performance accuracy rate significantly improves across 100% of all the providers though none exceed random chance. A standard tip $5-$10 may be provided if more than 5 points made by psychic were significantly accurate about already known prior events. For telephone readings the maximum rate should be $10 to $15 for a full 60-minute session as the performance rates are very low and few meet even the most basic HFOCA requirements.  Standard tip $5 if more than 5 points made by psychic were significantly accurate about already known prior events.


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